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Our first two weeks

What an amazing start! We've made it through our first two weeks of running our own business and we have experienced a whole host of different emotions. It's been a stressful time with many new systems to learn and put into place and a new way of thinking about work (no one said running a business would be easy!). We've also found that we feel very differently about work now, even when we're exhausted from a busy week, it's a far more rewarding feeling coming home after working for yourself. Building our business will take time and hard work, but all that work will be worth it to have something of our own to build up and be proud of.

We are extremely grateful to all those who have supported us during our first few weeks, we have seen many locals as well as holidaymakers who have been staying in the area. It's been so lovely to see familiar faces giving us a try for the first time, and we hope to see you all often. As a small business in a small village we truly believe that our local customers are the key to our ongoing success through the winter months. We aim to offer seasonal deals to locals and host events which we hope will see you returning to support us through the off-season.

We are also excited to welcome guests who are visiting our beautiful area, perhaps for the first time, and stopping in to see us as well. We enjoy meeting new people and have had a lovely group of visitors in for lunch and dinner so far, some returning throughout their stay.

Starting up our business post-lockdown has had many new and difficult challenges for us, you can only prepare so much in advance and then you just have to jump in and get started. The new guidelines we have to follow mean that things are far different than we expected; guests arriving at different time slots, staff wearing protective face coverings, an awful lot of handwashing and sanitising! But sticking to these rules is crucial for us if we are to provide a safe environment for our guests and staff.

We hope that these rules will be lifted before too long so that we can get back to normal and offer a less restricted service. If we can make our business a success during these strange times we hope there will be a bright future ahead of us.

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