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Lockdown is Lifting!

Finally, the information we've been waiting for from the government! Restaurants will now be allowed to open from July 4th and we couldn't be happier to now have an official date to work with. We've been incredibly busy getting the restaurant ready but there's still a surprising amount to get done. Although this announcement is incredibly welcome throughout the hospitality industry, it leaves us all with little time to be fully prepared and ready to open on July 4th. Whilst we continue with our finishing touches and preparations for opening, we will be closely monitoring the government guidelines on measures we should implement in order to ensure a safe environment for our customers and staff.

During the lockdown we have been using our time to create a Kitchen Garden which has young berry bushes, kale, broccoli and squash. We also have a polytunnel with tomatoes, carrots, herbs, chard, beetroot and peas. It took some time to prepare the area but it's coming along nicely with the young plants growing more everyday and the vision of a garden full of fruit and veg is slowly becoming a reality. Below is a photo of the area once it had been cleared and the area for the fruit bushes has been marked out with the polytunnel up and ready for plants. Once the plants have established, and some of them have seen their first year, we will be able to pick some of our own fruit and veg to put on our menus. The good life, here we come!

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